Chief Executive Officer Job Profile and Description

The position of the chief executive officer is one of the highest level management positions in the hierarchy of the business mechanisms. The individual at this position oversees the daily functions of the whole business. The individual is vital for deriving a strategic plan for the business and taking the company towards the goal of sustained growth and expansion. The CEO has to manage all the employees and oversee that all the employees carry on their respective job responsibilities/ duties properly.

Chief Executive Officer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities for the position of chief executive officer are:

  • The CEO is responsible for carrying on and attending the board meetings where all the board members meet to discuss the current and future operations of the business.
  • The CEO is responsible for drawing and implementing proper strategies/ policies for the growth and expansion of the business as required.
  • The CEO is required to focus the resources of the business to augment the profit making of the business.
  • The CEO is required to check the social responsibilities of the business as a whole are met for example throwing fundraiser for charitable.
  • The CEO is responsible for the setting up the long- term goals for the business, direct the entire department heads to move towards the goals.
  • The CEO must have a strong background of the management abilities.

Chief Executive Officer Skills and Specifications

  • The individual must have the ability and knowledge to set up/ draw strategies for the benefit of the business.
  • The individual be well equipped with economic decision making abilities.
  • A basic high school education from the state accredited institution.

Chief Executive Officer Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree i.e. a graduation level education degree with major in a subject which relates to business management.
  • A higher degree i.e. a post graduation degree from a state accredited institute with major in a subject which is to be useful in business management such as business economics, masters in business management or administration.

Chief Executive Officer Clerk Salary

The salary of a chief executive officer varies with the size of the respective business firm or entity. But the salary earned by the CEOs is amongst the highest bracket as this is one of the highest executive positions. The salary may thus vary anywhere between $ 120,000 to 200,000 or more per year on an average.