General office manager job description and profile

General office managers are hired by several employers, which include large companies, retail corporations, financial companies, and medical facilities. He or she is responsible for the efficient working of a specific division or branch offices. The general office manager develops and implements policies and procedures for the smooth functioning. In addition, he or she must ensure that the daily operations of the office are completed without any problems. The general office manager’s job profile includes hiring, training, and monitoring the performance of the highly qualified personnel. Efficient communication, motivation for improving performance, and overall efficiency of the office is his or her responsibility.

General office manager duties and responsibilities

  • Efficient operations of the office
  • Hiring and training new staff
  • Tracking the utilization of office supplies and ordering these as required
  • Determining the salary of the employees based on internal policies and individual qualifications
  • Payroll duties including signing timesheets and overseeing their processing
  • Paying various utility bills on time
  • Responsible for tracking the sales and the expenses incurred by his or her department

General office manager education, training, and qualifications

Most employers prefer a bachelor’s degree for potential incumbents who are hired as general office managers. Certain smaller organizations may hire individuals with an associate degree or a high school diploma as office managers. Thorough and in-depth knowledge on Microsoft Office is necessary for aspirants wanting a career in this field. An additional training in office or business administration improves the probability of procuring a better opportunity. Some large corporations require minimum relevant experience as administrative support staff.

General office manager degrees, courses, and certification

A bachelor’s degree in any field, an associate degree from a community college, or a high school diploma is required to work as a general office manager. An advanced course in computers that provides complete proficiency in the Office Suite is beneficial to individuals seeking this position. A certified course in office or business administration provides individuals an opportunity to work in a larger setup. Developing interpersonal skills through an advanced course is advantageous.

General office manager skills and specifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • High organization capabilities
  • An orientation for details
  • Quick and strong decision-making ability
  • Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of office information
  • Trustworthy with high business and work ethics

General office manager salary

The average salary payable to a general office manager is in the range of $30000 to $47000 per annum.