Front Office Hotel Job Description and Profile

Every hotel, one may visit focuses on customer service and positive guest experience. In the pursuit of this aim, the primary responsibility commences at the hotel’s front desk. Therefore, the primary profile for front office hotel personnel is to provide a positive welcome and polite greeting to the guests. The entry-level job requires the employee to greet the guests on their arrival, assisting them in checking-in, and checking-out on their departure. The front office hotel job description includes assisting guests to overcome any problems or issues faced by them. Friendly nature and professional appearance are necessary to provide a good first impression to the guests.

Front Office Hotel Duties and Responsibilities

  • Check-in and check-out of guests
  • Making the reservations and maintaining an accurate record to avoid any conflicts
  • Providing information to guests and guiding them on the possible activities they can enjoy during their stay in town
  • Recording the occupancy in the hotel
  • Communication between the guests and the other departments of the hotel
  • Answering the telephone, transferring calls to the guests, and taking messages when the guests are absent
  • Providing customer service by handling complaints, reservations for dining and other engagements
  • Basic accounting and billing responsibilities

Front Office Hotel Education, Training, and Qualifications

The front office hotel staff needs to be qualified as no post-secondary graduate. Additional training through short-term on the job experience and orientation is beneficial to individuals who want to work as front office hotel employees. Vocational qualifications through training focused on working in a hotel setup provide excellent job opportunities to potential incumbents. Several bigger hotel chains prefer to provide their customized training to their employees to ensure consistency in the customer-service provided to guests across all their properties.

Front Office Hotel Degrees, Courses, and Certification

A bachelor’s degree from any college is necessary. Additional courses that provide training in customer servicing, basic financial and accounting understanding, human resources and supervision, database management, and information technology are beneficial to aspirants. Several colleges and universities provide certified courses that offer numerous hotel and hospitality-related disciplines, leadership, marketing, and operational competencies. Gaining relevant work experience by training in a hotel setup opens several additional avenues for individuals aspiring to become front office hotel personnel.

Front Office Hotel Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Management capabilities
  • Organizational skills
  • Customer service orientation
  • Billing and accounting competencies
  • Maintaining accurate and updated records

Front Office Hotel Salary

The salary of a front office hotel employee ranges from $20000 per year to $26000 per annum.