School Office Clerk Job Description and Profile

The school office clerk performs several functions and requires multi tasking. The profile of a school office clerk depends on the age of the students and the size of the institution. Some schools may have one office clerk while a bigger school may hire more than one office clerk. The clerks undertake the administrative work of the school and act as the receptionist for the visitors arriving in the school. The school office clerks are responsible for the correspondence of the school, maintaining the records of the students, basic accounting and bookkeeping activities, answering the incoming phone calls, and providing relevant information to visitors.

School Office Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Typing and sending school communication
  • Printing school bulletins and inter-school memos
  • Compilation and maintaining the students’ records
  • Assisting in the extra-curricular activities undertaken by the school
  • Receiving phone calls and providing relevant information
  • Greeting visitors, making guest passes, and providing directions
  • Basic accounting and bookkeeping activities

School Office Clerk Education, Training, and Qualifications

The school office clerks must possess a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. In addition, he or she must be familiar with the operation of computers and office administration processes. Additional training to acquire business or office administration skills are an added benefit to individuals aspiring to become school office clerks. Acquiring computer skills by enrolling in a certified computer education institution to become proficient in various MS Office applications is recommended for school office clerks.

School Office Clerk Degrees, Courses, and Certification

A high school diploma from a community college or an equivalent degree is required to become school office clerks. A computer course providing in-depth knowledge of computers and the MS Office application suite is important for these individuals. Enrolling in a course that provides time management and telephone management skills is recommended for individuals who want to become school office clerks. Additional courses that assist in improving the communication skills of individuals are preferred by some of the educational institutions.

School Office Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Strong time management capabilities
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Basic accounting and bookkeeping knowledge
  • Sorting through the incoming mails and sending the mail to the respective individuals
  •  Good typing and shorthand skills
  • Recording students records and updating these as required
  • All other administrative capabilities

School Office Clerk Salary

The average salary earned by school office clerks ranges from $17363 per year to $40241 per annum.