Trust officer job description

The job of a trust officer is to manage the trust accounts of an institution of a company. She makes decision about investment of the trust funds according to the requirements and the choice of the client.

Trust officer job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a trust officer are:

  • Administration and creation of trust accounts as per the client specifications
  • Following the terms and conditions of the trust account while disbursement of funds
  • Making investments from the surplus amount of the trust account keeping in tune with federal laws
  • Filing tax returns in the trust accounts
  • Keeping the requirements of the beneficiary in mind while making decisions regarding the trust fund
  • Keeping track of the source of money inflow into the trust account and whenever required, communicating with the beneficiary to confirm facts
  • Consulting with the attorneys of the clients before making investments on behalf of the client
  • Exercise discretion about client details under all circumstances

Trust officer skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a trust officer are:

  • Excellent communication skills to confer with the beneficiary, client and attorneys
  • A thorough knowledge about finance, investment and banking
  • Good knowledge about computer applications
  • Excellent organization, analytical and logical thinking ability
  • Ability to make the right investments and advise the client on the same
  • Ability to interpret the needs of the client
  • A detailed knowledge about banking laws, federal laws and investment laws

Trust officer education and qualifications

The education and qualifications of a trust officer are:

  • A four year bachelor’s degree in banking, finance and accounting
  • A certification course in business administration
  • A certification course in banking laws

Trust officer salary

Experience plays a very important role in determining the salary of a trust officer. Her salary may range between $43,343 and $73,063. His annual median salary of the officer is $61,708.