Medical Office Job Description and Profile

The medical office job includes several administrative responsibilities that are related to the smooth functioning of the doctors’ facilities. These include appointment scheduling, maintaining updated patients’ medical records, billing, and coding for insurance companies requirements. Additionally, the medical office job includes some clinical tasks, such as recording the vital signs of the patients, procuring medical histories, getting the patients ready for the examination, drawing blood, and providing medicines as per the physicians’ instructions. The individuals working in this profile must perform all those tasks that ensure the smooth and continuous working of the medical facilities.

Medical Office Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collect medical information and record the vital signs of patients
  • Preparing and escorting patients to the examination room
  • Filing and maintaining medical records, such as insurance forms, X ray reports, and other test reports
  • Administering the medications according to the doctor’s instructions
  • Updating and maintaining the billing system
  • Tracking office and medical supplies and ordering these as needed
  • Performing routine lab tests and sample analyses
  • Setting up the medical equipment

Medical Office Education, Training, and Qualifications

Although, there is no minimum requirement to work in the medical offices, most individuals hold a high school diploma or an equivalent. In addition, undergoing a one-year medical assistance program from a vocational school or community college is preferred. These programs include academic lectures as well as practical experience in a medical facility and covers basic biology, office administration duties, and clinical training. The training includes medical terminology, insurance processing, basic accounting skills, medical ethics, and pharmaceutical principles.

Medical Office Degrees, Courses, and Certification

To procure the certification, candidates must first complete education from an accredited institution providing medical assisting degree programs. The individuals must then successfully take the Certified Medical Assistant Certification Examination that is governed by the American Association of Medical Assistants. Although, this certification is optional, procuring this ensures that the individual has the professional aptitude required for this job. Moreover, most employers hire individuals holding a valid certification, which opens several career opportunities.

Medical Office Skills and Specifications

  • Understanding basic medical terminologies
  • Basic bookkeeping and accounting knowledge
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Capable to manage the smooth functioning of the medical facility
  • Computer skills
  • Working and setting up medical instruments
  • Time and materials management capabilities

Medical Office Salary

The salary earned at a medical office job ranges from $18852 per year to $35563 per annum.