Office Assistant Supervising Job Description and Profile

Under general direction, the Supervising Office Assistant supervises and does clerical and fiscal activities, such as record keeping, for a major organizational or functional unit. The Supervising Office Assistant likewise performs related tasks and duties when required of him

Duties and Specifications

  • Plans, assigns and schedules the work of office staff.
  • Gives instructions within the office setting.
  • Sets up and creates improvements in computer systems, office procedures and manuals of work methods and gives instructions to his staff members in their use.
  • Chooses, evaluates and trains his subordinates.
  • Initiates in improving and reorganizing the work assignments and procedures which resulted from modifications in policy or workload.
  • Discusses with office heads, administrators, supervisors, employees and the general public on the business of the office and suggests and shares important information.
  • Personally performs complex clerical tasks and duties.

Skills and Specifications

  • Able plan, assign and prioritize office work of self and other office members.
  • Must be able to learn and use practices and principles of supervision.
  • Be able to establish general standards and evaluate the performance of staff.
  • Must know how to train other staff in the right procedures and methods.
  • Be able to develop a comprehensive knowledge of procedures, policies and organization.
  • Must know how to use general and specific computer and automated applications.
  • Able to establish effective and harmonious relationships with employees, clients and general public.
  • Able to tactfully interact with people from all levels of organization.
  • Must be able to maintain full confidentiality.
  • Must know how to legibly write to record important information.
  • Be able to prepare good correspondence.
  • Must understand and follow instructions, verbal and written.

Education and Qualifications

  • Must possess High School diploma or its equivalent.
  • Must have at least four years of responsible clerical experience, which at least a year in a supervisory capacity.