Office Maintenance Job Description and Profile

The office maintenance job profile includes making general repairs within the premises. This includes repairing machinery, equipment, appliances, and furniture. Some maintenance staff is responsible for the cleanliness of the office. The primary responsibility of office maintenance personnel is to ensure that the other employees in the organization are able to work comfortably during their working hours. A major part of the maintenance work is within the office premise, which includes fixing light bulbs, drilling holes in the walls as needed, fixing the furniture, and tightening any screws that get loose. The basic profile of an office maintenance employee is to keep the premise tidy and providing a safe working environment.

Office Maintenance Duties and Responsibilities

  • Repairing floors, windows, and other structural damages
  • Ensuring that the HVAC and other office equipment remains in good working conditions
  • Welding, installation, insulation, and other general maintenance work
  • Cleaning the floors and shampooing the carpets
  • Keeping the appliances clean and in working condition
  • Taking out the daily trash
  • Making minor electrical and plumbing repairs

Office Maintenance Education, Training, and Qualifications

Office maintenance staff does not require a formal education but must possess excellent on the job training. The person must develop a positive attitude and be able to understand and follow the instructions given by his or her seniors. Most employers prefer to hire individuals who possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent qualification. Training on conducting minor repairs to office equipment, plumbing, and electrical provides additional opportunities to office maintenance staff.

Office Maintenance Degrees, Courses, and Certification

A high school diploma is the basic degree that office maintenance personnel must possess. Additionally, certification from specific trade school or a license from such a school is beneficial. Gaining mechanical training through a course that provides classroom and practical training is recommended. Most employers also prefer to hire individuals with a valid driving license, as some traveling may be necessary for the individual. Relevant work experience providing training is the most sought qualification of office maintenance workers.

Office Maintenance Skills and Responsibilities

  • Basic mechanical skills
  • Critical thinker and problem solving capabilities
  • Expertise in handling repairing and cleaning equipment
  • Ensuring that the organization meets the safety guidelines provided by the federal and state authorities
  • Strength and stamina to work long hours
  • Strong analytical abilities

Office Maintenance Salary

The salary earned by office maintenance personnel varies from $24000 per year to $38000 annually.