Chief nursing officer job profile and description

The job of a chief nursing officer is to oversee and manage the entire nursing staff of a medical facility. She should ensure that the nursing staffs are well trained and adept in their duties. They are needed in all nursing homes and hospitals.

Chief nursing officer duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a chief nursing officer are:

  • Manage and lead the nursing staff in the hospital
  • Training new recruits
  • Presenting reports to the management
  • Developing working rules and strategies for the nursing staff
  • Ensuring that the nurses are adhering to the code of conduct of the hospital
  • Ensuring that the nursing staff are kept abreast of the latest developments in the field of nursing by regularly educating them
  • Ensuring that the nursing staff are working in keeping with the federal and state laws
  • Listening to the complaints or problems of the nursing staff and solving them
  • Initiating disciplinary actions against nurses
  • Formulating short term and long term plans for the development of the nursing department

Chief nursing officer skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a chief nursing officer are

  • Good leadership and communications skills
  • Strong medical knowledge
  • Care and compassion to deal with patients
  • Ability to work under high levels of pressure in emergency cases
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Must be organized
  • Excellent management skills
  • Good administrative skills
  • Ability to work for long hours

Chief nursing officer education and qualifications

The education and qualification required for the job of a chief nursing officer are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing is the minimum requirement
  • A master’s degree in compulsory in many hospitals
  • On the job training after recruiting is provided
  • Certification courses may be essential in some places

Chief nursing officer salary

The salary of the chief nursing officer ranges between $90,701 and $141,309.