Escrow officer job description and profile

An escrow officer ensures that the all the required documentation and legal formalities are completed to perfection when a buyer and seller of real estate property strike a deal. It is in their job profile to see that the registration of the real estate, the ownership details are clear and outstanding debts or mortgages and any pending dues are cleared without a chance for future legal complications.

Escrow officer job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an escrow officer are:

  • Oversee the monetary transaction details between the seller, buyer and in some cases, lender
  • Ensuring that the ownership deed is firmly in place before the final deal is made
  • Reviewing the contracts regarding the real estate in question and ensuring that the property is clear of dues and mortgages
  • Ensuring that all the parties involved their legal formalities
  • Act as a troubleshooter in times of legal glitches and take measures to solve the problem

Escrow officer skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of am escrow officer are:

  • A thorough knowledge about all the transactions involved in closing a real estate deal and the real estate laws and regulations
  • Good communication skill and public relations skills
  • Ability to deal with a wide range of people from different backgrounds
  • Good troubleshooting abilities
  • Logical and analytical ability
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Must keep up the trust and confidentiality of the clients

Escrow officer education and qualifications

The escrow officer education and qualifications are:

  • A basic high school graduation is sufficient to get the job. However, an applicant for this job must have worked as an assistant under an escrow officer of real estate attorneys
  • A degree in business administration helps in improving future prospects

Escrow officer job salary

An escrow officer can earn between $34,008 and $49,993. He also gets bonuses on each deal.