Export Sales Manager Job Profile and Description

The Export Sales Manager heads a trading firm’s export sales where the business takes a heavy share of export revenues, in part or in whole.  The position supervises a team of export sales account officers, agents, and brokers who deal with overseas clients and are taking on sales leads for new export markets from their network of trading firms.  Some follow

Export Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work at irregular hours of the day to interface with clients overseas at different time zones, or concentrate on a time zone where the most concentration in sales activity occurs.
  • Supervise the teams of sales agents so each team can focus on servicing the clients on one time zone
  • Provide management with regularly sales performance reports detailing problem areas and those with superior sales exceeding quotas.
  • Provide logistics support to sales teams on the line to ensure they perform their duties and responsibilities at their best with no excuses of failure


Export Sales Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Must have excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Must have sufficient understanding of the country’s export laws and the import laws of their countries dealt with.
  • Must have strong organizational, supervisory and managerial skills.

Export Sales Manager Education and Qualifications

  • A BS degree in marketing course is basic
  • 5-7 years of experience in sales operations, preferably in export import operations is preferred
  • A master’s degree is an advantage if there’s strong competition for the position.

Export Sales Manager Salary

The average annual salary for a sales manager in the export operations vary with the type of industry as well as the nature and value of good exported.  For sure, the Export Sales Manager for automotive products will earn more than one for export of leather shoes.  Typical annual salary range is from $35,000 to $45,000 excluding any sales commissions.



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