Regional sales manager job description and profile

Every company sets certain goals that are to be achieved every month. Big companies, which do business in many cities set targets for each city. A regional sales manager’s job consists of implementing strategies and plans to reach and fulfill the sales targets in a city. Based on the size of the city, a regional sales manager can either be given the responsibility of a particular region or be made in charge of sales for a few districts put together.

Regional sales manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a regional sales manager are:

  • Implementing rules and strategies to reach targets set by the management
  • Supervise the functions and working of all the salespersons and store outlets of the company in the jurisdiction of the regional sales manager
  • Instruct and guide the salespersons to enhance their sales
  • Depending upon the requirement of the region, hiring new staff
  • Keeping track of the gross quantity of sales made in the region
  • Documenting all the sales details and reporting to the higher officials of the company
  • Placing orders for more stock from the company inventory
  • Evaluating the sales performance of each store independently and the value it contributes to the company

Regional sales manager skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a regional sales manager are:

  • Excellent communication, leadership, organization and negotiation skills
  • A thorough knowledge about the policies and sales strategies of the company
  • Excellent management skills
  • Good computational skills and accounting knowledge
  • Strong analysis and decision making skills
  • Must be able to travel frequently

Regional sales manager education and qualification

A bachelor’s degree in business management with at least 5 years experience in sales and marketing is essential for the job of a regional sales manager.

Regional sales manager salary

The average salary of a regional sales manager is $99,000 per year.