Supermarket sales job profile and description

A candidate hoping to work as a supermarket sales representative has to have specialist knowledge of the retail industry. This is a frontline role even where the candidate will be working for a major supermarket chain. It is important that they can maintain focus on their role even as the organization is undergoing change. The role can be very challenging due to the variations within the industry.

Supermarket sales duties and responsibilities

The senior management team will define the duties attached to the role of a supermarket sales representative. It is not always the case that chains will be identical. Generally speaking the tasks lists includes the following:

  1. A supermarket sales representative is supposed to ensure that there are growing returns on the shop floor.
  2. They will be responsible for coming up with promotional strategies that relate to the products that are put in the store.
  3. Liaison is one of the strong tasks that are attached to the role especially given the fact that these are large organizations.

Supermarket sales skills and specifications

The skill set that is attached to the supermarket sales representative includes the following points:

  1. The successful candidate will have exceptional retailing skills.
  2. They must possess advanced customer care skills.
  3. The ability to undertake market research will be a distinct advantage.

Supermarket sales education and qualification

You would need an all round education in order to undertake the full roles of a supermarket sales representative. However there are no restrictions on the qualifications that you can present. Employers are interested in skills and experience. A bachelor’s degree might be of benefit.

Supermarket sales salary

The salary for a supermarket sales representative will vary depending on the size of portfolio that they are managing. In the first instance you should expect a range of $40,000 to $80,000.