Packaging Sales Manager Job Profile and Description

There’s an art and strategy to the packaging of products and services that enhance their appeal, both functional and aesthetic, beyond the intrinsic utilitarian value of the product or service being packaged.  This expertise is what Packaging Sales Managers offer to small and medium scale companies, including home bound products, to ensure their products stand out and get market attention.

Packaging Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observe work hours and monitor sales staff to ensure they perform their duties and responsibilities in achieving the target sales objectives
  • Maintain a compendium of product brochures depicting the various packaging solutions for various products across industries assigned.
  • Coordinate with corporate advertising agencies to ensure that the creatives in the brochures can assist in the sales efforts.
  • Coordinate with the tariffs and pricing section to request price adjustments based on market price elasticity to ensure continued patronage.
  • Provide performance appraisal for sales staff and recommend the firing or promotions as the case may be.
  • Summarize and present sales performance versus targets to senior management.

Packaging Sales Manager Skills and Specification

  • Must have a complete knowledge about packaging solutions that appeal to the market and how they can enhance products and services
  • Must have persuasive communication and interpersonal skills
  • Must have excellent organization, supervisory and managerial skills with ability to work outside of regular hours

Packaging Sales Manager Education and Qualification

  • A college degree in commerce, business administration or related field is basic.
  • A master’s degree in business management or administration is an advantage.
  • 4-7 years of selling experience with the least 3-5 years in a supervisory position.

Packaging Sales Manager Job Salary

The annual salary of a Packaging Sales Manager is in line with most sales managers and often depends on the nature of the industry and state where the business operates as well as holder’s qualification.  In general, the position earns about $68,000 annually with a range above and below.