Hotel sales manager job description and profile

The job of a hotel sales manager is to bring in more clients to the hotel. They sell the services of the hotel. They interact with corporate, event organizers and other companies and offer them the services of the hotel, thus increasing the hotel’s customer base.

Hotel sales manager duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a hotel sales manager are:

  • Constantly get in touch with various corporate companies and convince them to use the hotel to hold their business conventions and to accommodate their guest
  • Contact event management companies and convince them to use the services of the hotel to hold weddings and other functions
  • Meeting with potential clients and ensuring that the hotel gets new clients
  • Keep a record of all the existing clients and prospective clients and contact them on a regular basis to inform them about new services or offers being given by the hotel
  • Agree upon the terms and conditions of the contract with a client and prepare the paperwork required
  • Make regular reports to the management  of the hotel regarding  sales details
  • Ascertaining  that both  the management of the hotel as well as the clients are happy with the contract
  • Field any queries from customers and answer them satisfactorily

Hotel sales manager skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a hotel sales manager are:

  • Excellent communication, negotiation and manipulative abilities
  • A strong knowledge about the facilities and policies of the hotel
  • Excellent managerial abilities
  • A pleasing personality to put clients at ease while striking deals
  • A thorough knowledge about sales and marketing strategies
  • Excellent customer service ethics

Hotel sales manager education and qualification

A hotel sales manager needs to have a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Hotel sales manager salary

The median salary of a hotel sales manager is $50,000 per annum. In high-end luxury hotels, the pay is significantly higher.