The job responsibilities of an Office clerk vary significantly, contingent on the kind of office they work for. An office clerk is an individual, who is in charge of executing general clerical duties, which include answering customer’s feedback, entering information in the computer, answering phone calls and email messages, segregating some files and papers,  and scanning documents. Most office clerks work in the government, private organizations, or other businesses.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining confidentiality of documents and papers of the organization or business.
  • Performing basic office duties like answering the telephone, directing calls, emails and fax.
  • Handling some important documents, recording and storing them for the proper use of bookkeeping department.
  • Operating fax machines, photocopiers, or other office equipment.
  • Copying and duplicating manuscripts, documents, letters, or other business related materials on photocopying machines.
  • Maintaining office machines like computers, photocopying machines and fax machines, and responsible for their operation.
  • Making travel arrangements, taking inventory of supplies and equipment, answering queries on departmental functions and services.
  • Helping secretaries in preparing budgetary requests and invoices for the business.
  • Directing and supervising tasks handled by other lower-level clerks.
  • Guiding other staff members to perform various office activities, which includes proper usage of computer applications.
  • Sorting checks, keeping payroll records, taking inventory of office equipment, and accessing information.
  • Cooperating with co-workers in order to maintain a healthy and friendly environment as well as proper communication within the office.
  • Maintaining financial records, setting up spreadsheets, verifying statistical reports for completeness and accuracy.
  • Handling and adjusting customer complaints and working with vendors.

Skills and Specifications

  • Strong communication, analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Must possess pleasant and charming personality.
  • Must possess customer service relation and coordination skills.
  • Basic computer operating knowledge.
  • Ability to work in cooperation with people.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school diploma from an accredited institution.
  • Experience in the field of office administration is an advantage.