Office Filing Clerk Job Profile and Description

With the growing popularity of the paperless office where documents are already archived as electronic files in PC directories, the Office Filing Clerk is a declining profession with holdouts in companies that are still swimming in printed paper files. Companies like legal firms and the Judiciary are still using paper files though most are using document management systems that scan these documents into compressed non-editable image files, but their paper originals remain filed in cabinets.   In situations like thee, the Office Filing Clerks are often put in charge of document management systems on top of their regular paper filing duties.

Office Filing Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop a system for identifying and logging incoming and outgoing office documents that can easily be used for primary search keys in a PC database system.
  • Develop the labeling to ensure a good match between PC filing and filing cabinet identification.
  • Perform clerical office duties such as typing, operating facsimile and photocopying machines, sorting mail and distributing of appropriate office staff
  • Use document management system to scan documents and store in a suitable database fling system when available.
  • Find and retrieve files in response to requests from authorized office staff.
  • Ensure that all retrieved paper files are returned where they belong.

Office Filing Clerk Skills and Specifications

  • Has high organizational skills to maintain an efficient office filing system, manual or automated
  • Has high computer literacy to use PC and document management systems
  • Has a good command of the English language, both verbal and written
  • Has above average interpersonal skills

Office Filing Clerk Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma or equivalent in experience is basic to the position
  • A 2-year associate or bachelor college course work is an advantage
  • An experience as a filing clerk in another office is an advantage.

Office Filing Clerk Salary

The median annual wages for Office Filing Clerks in 2008 stood at $23,800.  Those assigned in technical and telecommunication enjoy an average salary of $39,600 to $41,200.