A security director is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the security system, functions to plan, develop and implement the potential security policies and ensures the proper installation of the security system.  Taking care of the security programs, consulting the security advisors for proper updating of the existing security programs and overseeing the overall activities of the security department are some of the key job duties of a security director. This job position should pose good communication skills, investigation abilities and expertise of handling various security procedures.  Therefore, a security director plays a vital role in making an organization secure from the anti- social elements & hazards.

Security Director Job Specifications:

  • Knowledge of the latest security systems such as internal safety programs, alarms, detectors, electric eyes, closed circuits, microwave buzzers and ensuring the proper installation of these security systems for preventing the organization’s property and the internet & intranet system from the  external threats.
  • Experience of designing, developing and implementing the potential security policies by utilizing the edge cutting techniques, tools and the latest security programs.
  • Ability to coordinate with the management for suggesting the improvements in the current security programs for minimizing the chances of error.
  • Supervising the routine security records, evaluating the functioning of the security department and taking the decisions of appointing & hiring the employees.
  • Identifying the deficiencies of the current security programs and providing the necessary equipments to the security guards.
  • Knowledge of the legal practices and conducts against the robbery, fraud and arson conditions.