A security manager works to manage all security related issues by executing the management approved safety programs, ensuring the working of security department and conducting all security operations. Implementing & upgrading the safety guards according to the requirement, participating in preparing the annual security budget and following the safety standards for arranging all facilities are some of the basic job duties of a security manager. This job designation must pose good interpersonal skills, management abilities and knowledge of the vast criteria of security services. Hence, a security manager is a one of the important job positions which secures an organization by arranging the required security supplies.

Security manager job specifications:

  • Good investigation skills for evaluating the level of installed security systems such as CCTV camera, entry control, smoke detectors, outdoor perimeters and burglar alarms, etc.
  • Familiar with all security arrangements & reporting standards, uploading the record shelves and submitting the reports on the staff performance & security processing programs.
  • Consulting with the concerned security departments for discussing the effective safety policies and issuing the instructions to the mechanical & electrical department for installing recommended security programs.
  • Ability to gather the analysis reports from the network security department and the security unit, compiling the data into weekly files and discussing the current state with the security director.
  • Planning, executing and modifying the weak security strategies, hiring the security staff and coordinating with the software companies & safety providers to purchase the best security system for the organization at affordable prices by using the negotiation skills.