A network security manager is responsible for keeping the network system updated, ensuring the implementation of all security procedures against possible threats and analyzing the current network security system by conducting the necessary analysis.  Protecting the important passwords for avoiding the misuse of security enabled network, suggesting the latest available anti- viruses and installation of effective network security programs on all computers are some of the important job duties of a network security manager. A network security manager should pose effective communication skills; have expertise in existing diverse network security policies and knowledge of various troubleshooting tools & techniques.  Hence, a network security manager plays an essential role in maintaining the secure computer networking system.

Network Security Manager Job Specifications:

  • Impressive interpersonal skills to communicate with all departments of the organization for upgrading of the computer systems by installing the new anti- virus software and uploading the backup recovery programs.
  • Experience of running troubleshooting programs, conducting networking analysis and ability to minimize the intranet & internet errors.
  • Knowledge of the innovative networking techniques, handling potential network security hazards, developing the beneficial internet protocols and determining the appropriate security level of the network.
  • Ability to prepare the different progress reports of the network security and familiar with the record formats for uploading & updating the security file shelves.
  • Developing, executing and improving the network security strategies and installation of the software & hardware components of the computer by installing the firewall program, etc.
  • Monitoring the routine activities of the network security department.
  • Having decision making skills in order to hire & train employees in the security department and assign them the appropriate responsibilities.