The Back Office Trainee is imparted with the training about all the job activities involved in back office. The back office trainee must work to provide assistance in administrative related works, technical back-end support services, helping in the activities of human resource departments, security related services and other non-core services. The trainee must also work in coordination with manager, employees of the company. Since, the back-end office services are the real backbone of the company, the back office trainee must work with full dedication and involvement.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting managers and other back office employees for administrating services.
  • Providing technical and troubleshooting services.
  • Recording the financial statements and maintaining them for the future correspondence.
  • Dealing with the arrangements for meetings, office functions and other important events.
  • Working along with the human resources department in managing the hiring of new employees keeping in mind the organization development and functioning.
  • Monitoring the working of employees and assisting them in providing all kinds of support services.
  • Preparing the performance report of employees based on the observation and monitoring, for deciding on their appraisal and improvement strategies.
  • Arranging training sessions, improvement programs for the employees to develop their technical as well as non-technical skills.
  • Coordinating the work activities and functions of each between and work to establish cooperation between departments.
  • Managing the timing for appointments and consultations of the customers with the employees and top-level officials of the company including management.

Skills and Specifications

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Good reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work in cooperation with everyone.
  • Good decision-making skills.
  • Knowledge of computer usage and other related skills.
  • Risk-management and monitoring abilities.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelors or equivalent degree in any subject with a continuous record of academic performance.