The Back Office jobs constitute a very integral part of the overall organizational activity for the constructive development of the organization. The back office jobs include the activities of account details maintenance, administrative tasks, security services, works of human resources department and all other support services. The back office jobs also include making arrangements for meetings, conferences and presentations. The job also wants them to be supportive and assistive for customers, clients and as well as the employees of the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the accounts and financial details.
  • Providing administrative and support services efficiently for smooth functioning of organization and effective working of employees.
  • Providing back end technical services and troubleshooting services.
  • Making arrangements and accommodations for the clients as well as employees, in addition to arranging the meetings, conferences and reports.
  • Assisting in hiring employees for the company and other works related with human resources department.
  • Managing and supervising the working of employees and preparing periodic performance reports for the management based on employees functioning.
  • Maintaining the furniture and interiors of the company, and making recommendations for the any if needed.
  • Coordinating the work activity between the employees of different departments in the company.
  • Analyzing various operations of the company and recommend for any changes or improvements of the same keeping in view the company’s development.
  • Arranging training and improvement sessions for enriching the knowledge of the employees.

Skills and Specifications

  • Knowledge of business, finance and technical subjects.
  • Good personal and communication skills.
  • Mathematical and analytical skills.
  • Basic computer working skills.
  • Ability to coordinate, administrate and supervise.
  • Good decision-making qualities.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in any subject or field with proficient academic performance.
  • Master’s degree in business, finance area with prior experience in administration jobs is an advantage.