Book KeeperĀ Job Profile and Description

The book keeper is the employee by whom all the records of financial transactions for establishment of a company are kept. A bookkeeper is also referred as an accounting technician or an accounting clerk. Their main function is to allocate, verify and post the details of business negotiation to auxiliary accounts in magazine or computer files from various documents such as receipts, sales slips, check stubs, invoices and computer print outs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A book keeper has to go through all the withdrawals and deposits that went through the organization and adjusts them to make everything balance.
  • He has to be familiar with government rules and regulations about the reductions as well as laws concerning to employees.
  • Depending on the size of the company he needs to implicate doing payroll for his employees.
  • He has to handle all the vendor invoices to keep track of those who come in and pays them before their duration.
  • He may have to just post the paid invoices at the end of the month during the bank reconciliation.
  • He has to post the accounts receivable in various ways and the received cash must be deposited and tracked.
  • For an inventory company a book keeper has to keep track of all the goods in the accounting program.

Skills and Specifications

  • One must have a good communication skill in this field.
  • The book keeper must be familiar with government regulation and laws about the deduction as well as laws respecting to employees.
  • He must have good knowledge in computer.
  • He must have a good knowledge about accounting or bookkeeping terms.
  • He should be hardworking and must have a strong commitment for his work.

Education and Qualifications

One needs to have a bachelor degree in commerce with subjects like bookkeeping, economics and others. An MBA degree is also useful in this type of job.