Cashier Job Profile and Description

A cashier is one of the important employees in any type of organization which may be a bank or any other business. Their main function is to accept currency and other different form of payments, give change, record purchased items and produce receipts.  An important part of this job is to find the most effective method for completing a transaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fees for permits or licenses issued or documents field are collected by a cashier
  • He has to assign time during the license tests.
  • He has to handle routine issuance of tickets, licenses, receipts etc.
  • He must maintain files for application which is pending
  • He has to maintain all the related records according to the directions.
  • Simple statistical reports must be prepared by him.
  • Fee entries  and changes are made by them on register
  • He has to perform some particular clerical work regarding to cash and financial transactions.

Skills and Specifications

  • Cashiers must have a good knowledge of the handling, depositing and recording of money.
  • He should have an excellent knowledge about the modern office practices, equipment and terminology regarding to cashiering and reports.
  • They must be good enough in maths and efficient in simple record keeping.
  • He must be efficient to perform rapid change with accuracy.
  • They should have ability to deal with public with courtesy and tact.
  • He must be able to carry on routine and repetitious work accurately.
  • He must be able to carry out written and oral instructions.
  • They must be honest and reliable.
  • They have to work for a long time span, so they should be able to tolerate stress.

Education and Qualifications

The basic need for a cashier job is a graduation from a high school or an equivalent high school diploma with good skills in arithmetic.