Corrections officer job description and profile

A corrections officer is in charge of the correctional facilities like prisons. The job of a corrections officer is to supervise the security and safety of the prisoners. It is a challenging job and can be very demanding. Dealing with prisoners requires a lot of skill and intelligence. It is a high risk job and has recorded the highest number of occupational injuries.

Corrections officer job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a corrections officer are:

  • Maintaining law and order in the prison
  • Ensuring that the prisoners are safe and secure
  • Regular combing of the prison to unearth hidden weapons
  • Ferrying prisoners to the court and back to the prison with tight security measures in place in order to prevent the prisoner from escaping
  • Taking charge in times of riots and fights in the prison and reporting to the higher officials
  • Controlling the prisoner and ensuring discipline
  • Overseeing the facilities like food, hygiene and sanitation in the prison
  • Formulating activity sessions for prisoners

Corrections officer job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a corrections officer are:

  • Tremendous amount of skill and aggression to deal with rough prisoners
  • Excellent communication skills in order to converse and convince prisoners
  • Excellent management and organization skills in order to maintain law and order in the prison
  • Ability to control mob fights among the prisoners
  • Should be bold, courageous and have the ability to confront dangerous criminals

Corrections officer education and qualifications

The education and qualifications required for a corrections officer are:

  • A high school graduation
  • A bachelor’s degree

Training is the most important part of the education of a corrections officer; the training is intense and involves rigorous physical training, understanding federal laws of the state and marksmanship.

Corrections officer salary

The salary of a corrections officer ranges between $28,943 and $47,714 per year.