Finance Director Job profile and Description

The Finance director is responsible for the management of any financial risks that occur in a company. In addition the person is responsible for planning finances in a company, keeping records on the same, and making financial reports. He then presents the reports to the company’s higher management. In some instances, the Finance director is also required to analyze financial data and advice or make recommendation to the management regarding the company’s financial situation.  The finance director is a subordinate to the Chief executive Officer and therefore reports directly to him. In some companies, he reports directly to the board of directors

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Regulating, supervising and implementing accurate accounting books in good time
  • Implementing a financial audit on a continuous basis for purposes of monitoring the company’s financial performance
  • Constantly checking the financial control systems in order to monitor the income generated by the company against the expenses
  • Monitoring the level of adherence to a set budget through checking the how the purchase of budgetary items
  • Preparing accurate, timely and regular financial statements and preparing the same to the board of directors
  • Ensuring that the company complies with all audits, accounting and reporting requirements as set by regulatory bodies in the capital markets within the company’s location
  • Preparing and presenting business plans, investment memoranda, feasibility studies, financial plans, annual budgets and other financial or business documents to the board of directors when required
  • Alerting or warning the Board of directors of financial irregularities, non-compliance, non-adherence and other financial concerns that relate to the company
  • Understanding the financial systems, operations, plans, accounting, audits, and budget of a company and ensuring that everything is done within budget
  • Collaborating and coordinating activities with financial providers contracted by the company. This includes working with auditors, underwriters, brokers, financial consultants, auditor’s ad accountants

Skills and Specifications

  • Attention to detail
  • Basic knowledge in accounting
  • An analytical mind

Education and Qualifications

  • A first degree in Financial Accounting or a strong business oriented degree
  • An MBA/CPA would be a big advantage