Financial Controller Job profile and Description

The Financial Controller is a professional who oversees the book-keeping and financial reporting in an organization. The position is usually raked high in most organizations. The Financial controller usually has an accounting background, which makes him an ideal candidate to oversee the accounting, monitoring and implementation of internal financial controls. His job entails having the entire oversight of a firm’s finances. This means that he/she must be knowledgeable about activities that can make the firm make more profits while keeping away from those that would bring losses to the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparing financial reports, budgets, cost reports and financial forecasts on a regular basis
  • Overseeing the accounting staff, and the financial analysts
  • Mentoring accountants for purposes of ensuring that their accounting and analysis duties are done well
  • Ensuring that the financial records are accurate
  • Ensuring that every expense is properly documented
  • Ensuring that the books of accounts are compiled every end of the month
  • Ensuring that the books of accounts are compiled at the end of every financial year
  • Working with staff in the accounts department in determining the level of profitability of the company within a specified time
  • Ensuring that there is fiscal responsibility within the firm’s operations
  • Ensuring that the decision makers in the firm understand the financial implications of the missions they set for their company in a specific period
  • He is held accountable for any financial decisions made in the firm because he is the ultimate authorizing entity
  • Approves finances to be used in specific projects by the firm based on estimates made by the accounting department
  • Responsible for the budgetary control in a specific firm
  • Corresponds with the senior management regarding any financial decisions that are made

Skills and Specifications

  • A deep understanding of the accounting principles
  • A CPA license or experience in public accounting is desirable
  • Microsoft Access and Spreadsheet knowledge is desirable

Education and Qualifications

  • A degree in Financial Accounting and Management
  • A CPA or an MBA would be a big advantage