Front Office functions are very essential in the overall functioning of an organization. The front office trainee will be given on-the-job training in regard with the front office work activities. The front office trainee must greet and welcome the clients and customers with a pleasant approach and query them. The trainee must answer phone calls in a good manner and must receive any kind of postal or courier packages addressed to the organization.  They must work as and how they are trained and instructed, and perform other tasks as and when needed, thus forming a very integral part of the organization’s working hierarchy.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Getting trained in front office workings and administration.
  • Attending to the customers, clients and helping them to be at ease and comfort when they visit the organization.
  • Attending to the phone calls received, and rerouting them to the concerned people.
  • Welcoming and greeting the customers, clients and other co-employees with a warm, charming and pleasant looks.
  • Maintaining the visitors’ record.
  • Allotting the appointments and consultation time with the officials to the customers, clients over phone or in direct communication.
  • Managing all the necessary arrangements for important meetings and conferences.
  • Sending mails, and other postal communication, packages to the necessary people.
  • Coordinate and inter-communication activities between different sections of the organization.
  • Arranging transportation and accommodations for the visitors and employees of the organization.
  • Focusing on giving customer-oriented services and satisfaction.

Skills and Specifications

  • Good personal and professional skills needed.
  • Good mannerisms and charming personality.
  • Ability to work in cooperation with people.
  • Knowledge of qualitative and arithmetic skills.
  • Basic computer operating knowledge.
  • Flexibility to work in any timing, and even over-time if need be there.
  • Strong communicational and writing skills.

Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or an equivalent degree in any subject.