License Clerks Job Profile and Description

Employed in government licensing, regulatory or private accreditation bureaus, License Clerks are responsible for issuing permits and licenses to qualified applicants, either after obtaining the application requirements or presentation of notice of successful completion of a licensure exam.  They are also tasked with entering license information in computerized databases, collect license fees or may assist administrators and examiners in conducting the associated tests. In some cases, they can be tasked to conduct examinations and test of vehicles and other equipment to be licensed or associated with the profession that requires licensing.

License Clerks Duties and Responsibilities

  • Refer to bulletins and regulations to satisfy queries and provide advice to applicants and prospective applicants regarding licensing policies and regulations.
  • Advice and collect specified license or permit fees.
  • Process licensing applications for professional licensures, board exams, construction and building permits, business permits, etc.
  • Implement coding information in license applications for entry into computers.
  • Process information on applications by verifying completeness and accuracy and applicant’s age qualification and residency.
  • Maintain and update applicant records and licensing fees collected using computerized databases.
  • Inform applicants by registered mail, email or phone if they need to retake license tests or have passed them.
  • Maintain adequate application forms in the offices along with license and permit forms.

License Clerks Skills and Specifications

  • Must have strong communication and interpersonal skills to deal with applicants and customer queries.
  • Must have good organization skills to handle multitasking demands for processing various licenses and permits.
  • Must have complete knowledge in the licensing regulations of the agency.

License Clerks Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma is basic but a post secondary course is an advantage
  • 2-3 years experience in a similar clerical position.

License Clerks Salary

The median annual salary for a License Clerk in 2009 was $16.12 per hour or $33,520 annually.