Office Janitors/Cleaners Job Profile and Description

Their jobs may seem lowly but they’re often taken for granted and remembered only when there’s some dirt that remains uncleaned when we return to the offices on a Monday. Janitors and cleaners perform heavy duty cleaning first thing early morning and in weekends to keep offices spotless and conducive to productive work. They use heavy duty wet and dry vacuum cleaners, shampoo carpets, polished uncarpeted floors, clean mess halls, lavatories and pantry sections.  They clean building facilities like gyms, swimming pools, canteens, meeting rooms and lounges.  They are also known to perform errands for office workers.

Office Janitors/ Cleaners Duties and Responsibilities

  • Operate wet and dry vacuum cleaners to shampoo and clean office carpets.
  • Mop non-carpeted floors with the prescribed cleaning solutions, fluids and apply polishing waxes.
  • Operate heavy duty floor polishers for granite, marble floors and other non-carpeted flooring
  • Exercise caution in cleaning office table tops of individual workers as well as floors with power and data cables.
  • Wear the prescribe uniforms and protective clothing while working.
  • Perform relevant tasks as may be directed by the supervisor or officers.

Office Janitors/ Cleaners Skills and Specifications

  • Must be dependable, responsible, honest and hart working
  • Must be able to follow directions
  • Must have good interpersonal skills to get along with other people
  • Must have manual dexterity in the use of cleaning tools and appliances
  • Must have a cheerful disposition and willing to work under dirty conditions


Office Janitors/ Cleaners Education and Qualifications

No formal education is required and most skills are learned on-the-job or through informal training conducted by employers

Office Janitors/Cleaners Salary

The median hourly wage of office janitors and cleaners, except maids and housekeeping cleaners, stood at around $10.30 in 2008. The middle 50% received between $8.42 and $13.30. The lowest 10% earned $7.41 and the highest 10% earned $17.08.  Working in local governments got the highest median at $12.82. Schools came next, followed by hospitals, then colleges. The lowest median at $9.31 is in commercial buildings.