Retail Sales Job Profile and Description

Retail sales jobs consist of a range of duties and activities depending on the product, service or merchandise offered by the employer. Their job profile involves certain general tasks and activities common in any retail sales job. Besides that, he has to help customers in finding and buying the required merchandise in a retail environment.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A retails sales person has to guide and encourage customers to purchase products
  • They must greet customers and introduce them to new launches and products
  • They must talk to the customers and find out their needs
  • They direct the customers to the correct aisle after finding out what they need
  • They recommend, select and help the customers locate the right merchandise
  • They explain the product’s features and benefits to the customer
  • They may also have to demonstrate the use and operation of the product
  • In case the customer has any query about the store and the product, they must explain and give answers
  • They also give information about warranties, manufacturing specifications, and show how to care and maintain the merchandise
  • They also explain delivery, repair  and alteration options
  • They also give information about financing and billing
  • They receive and process cash, check and charge/credit payments
  • They provide change and receipts and bag or package purchases
  • They have to maintain sales records and also place special orders
  • They arrange and display merchandise in an attractive and tidy manner

Skills and Specifications

  • Retail sales people must be extremely cordial and polite towards customers
  • They should have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • They must have negotiation skills and must be able to persuade customers

Education and Qualifications

Retail sales persons need to have a minimum of high school degree or a bachelor’s degree. They can have a commerce background and specialise in sales and marketing.