Sales Training Job Profile and Description

The sales trainer’s primary responsibility is to make sure that all sales executives know about the product in details and teach them the skills of effectively making deals. The trainer is like a resource for the whole sales staff and also serves the roles of sales managers and team leaders.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A sales trainer helps the sales executives to overcome objections, and teach consultative selling techniques
  • He has to conduct training programmes for all skill levels, including basic sales skills, as well as advanced sales techniques
  • He must plan, conduct, formulate and implement a comprehensive training program for the sales staff
  • The training components targeted toward new hires, present sales staff and sales professionals who may need one-on-one assistance
  • Some sales trainers are hired by a company, whereas others have full-time positions
  • When the trainer is not conducting formal seminars, he has to be available as a resource for sales professionals who may need help for additional training for some new project
  • He needs to give regular presentations which include handouts, slides, video and share prior experience
  • In some presentations, the trainer has to facilitate role playing, and also other types of discussion and conduct participatory seminars

Skills and Specifications

  • The sales trainer must have experience in teaching sales techniques to others
  • He must have excellent presentation and communication skills
  • He must also possess good leadership and should be able to motivate, teach and inspire the sales staff
  • He should know about the basic computer software and how to use them for presentation and his classes
  • He must be well-organized and a professional

Education and Qualifications

The sales trainer, before teaching others, must have at least two years of experience in sales in the same industry. He must have a management degree and should specialise in sales and marketing.