Safety officer job description and profile

The chief responsibility of a safety officer is to take care of the health and safety concern of the public in adherence with the federal laws. The duties of a safety officer revolve around ensuring the safety of citizens.

Safety officer job duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a safety officer are:

  • Strive towards putting an end to any miscreant activity in the jurisdiction of the officer
  • Patrol the area regularly and be prepared to work night shifts
  • Consult and work in conjuncture with the law enforcement officers and the security personnel in order to maintain law and order in the area
  • Plan strategies to prevent illegal activities and arrest the trouble makers
  • Analyze the previous crime history of the area and formulate preventive measures
  • Prepare reports to preset it to the higher law enforcement officers

Safety officer job skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of a safety officer are:

  • A sound knowledge about federal laws and regulations
  • Must be able to work under high pressure conditions and in emergencies
  • Swift presence of mind
  • Courage and physical strength
  • Good communication and analysis skills
  • A sound knowledge about different safety measures like fire safety
  • Must be able to work at odd times and must be available to work at any time

Safety officer job education and qualifications

Most of the education and experience that a safety officer needs is given during the training period after selection into the security force. A candidate will have to go through physical examinations and written test to get selected for training. The basic education and qualifications required for a safety officer is a high school graduation. A degree or diploma in federal laws helps in developing good future prospects.

Some institutions ask for certification course in IAHSS and OPOTC.

Safety officer job salary

The salary of a safety office is between $41,692 and $68,354.