Sales Assistant Job Profile and Description

A sales assistant may work in a retail outlet or for a company where he receives and approaches clients and participates in a sales discussion. He asks the customers questions to find out his requirements and then suggests a branch specific customization if applicable.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A sales assistant places the orders for the client and handles complaints and their resolution
  • He takes part in work decisions and has to make frequent phone calls and send emails to customers to maintain the relationship
  • He must learn to identify and visit potential customers to bring in new business
  • He should be quick to make cost calculations and provide clients with quotations
  • He is in charge of receiving and storing goods
  • He has to make presentations and demonstrations
  • He takes care of the store and/or storage room
  • He is also responsible for making the cash point and system ready to use
  • He has to inform the client about the conclusion of sales
  • He has to be aware of market trends and collect customer information and provide feedback
  • He may have to participate in trade fairs and other events
  • He also has to be in contact with suppliers to check on the status of existing orders
  • He must keep proper records of sales and order information

Skills and Specifications

  • A sales assistant needs to have exceptional communication skills
  • He must be persuasive, polite and have good negotiation skills
  • He must be hardworking as this job involves a lot of leg work
  • He must be perceptive and good with numbers
  • He must be competitive, driven and confident

Education and Qualifications

A sales assistant needs to have an MBA or a general bachelor’s degree in commerce, with specialisation in sales and marketing.