Sales SupportĀ Job Profile and Description

A sales support professional is responsible for selling a product or service for a company or retail outlet. They may be employed by all types of industries, ranging from automobiles to clothing, to computers to manufacturing. They may either work independently, alone or in a team. No matter where they work, their objective is to sell a product or service and close a deal.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Sales support professionals need to explain and demonstrate to customers what they are offering is worth buying
  • In order to do this, they need to have complete understanding of the product and have to describe its uses and qualities in details
  • They may also have to give a presentation and show to the customer how the item works
  • It is also important for a sales support professional to have a thorough knowledge of the competitors so that they can show how are their products superior
  • They have to place orders for the client and also deals with complaints and their resolution
  • He must enter and update proper records of sales and order information
  • He needs to be in touch with suppliers and check on the inventory

Skills and Specifications

  • Sales support professionals must be confident, energetic, organized and persistent
  • They must be experts in customer service
  • They should have basic understanding of math, as they often have to deal with prices, deals and commissions.
  • A sales assistant needs to have exceptional communication skills
  • He must be persuasive, polite and have good negotiation skills

Education and Qualifications

There are no particular degrees for a sales support job, as different companies have different requirements. However, one can go for course which emphasize on marketing, promotions, communications and economics. He can also have an MBA degree.