Sales Engineer Job Profile and Description

A Sales Engineer’s job entails working mostly with Sales Representatives to develop account-gaining strategies and to give required product sales support to close business successfully. Most sales engineers work with a Sales Representative to research, understand the customer needs, and determine the overall business and technical solution. This individual leads internal technical resources in order to set up and deliver compelling presentations and demonstrations. A Sales Engineer is responsible to respond in-depth customer questions and inquiries. The main duty is to understand the business issues in-depth and combine them with all product offers to determine solutions that will provide key big business value.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conceptualizing and communicating on how the company products and services affect opportunities and sales exposure within the organization.
  • Performing customer needs assessments and solution finding sessions.
  • Contributing to account scheme definition and review actively.
  • Reviewing customer operations for improving business process opportunities.
  • Understanding product capability gaps or functionality to define ways to handle them using partners, product enhancements, etc.
  • Defining the best company products to address requirements of prospect business.
  • Designing and delivering product presentations based on the necessities and competitive sales condition.
  • Requesting and coordinating resources required to support sales department.
  • Providing responses for product and technical requests.
  • Participating at conferences, tradeshows, and other events as required by Sales Management and Product Marketing.
  • Providing knowledge and training on products to peers, presales and sales staff in the organization.
  • Demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the company products, functions, features and benefits.
  • Developing and maintaining business and client contact information as these relates to product development.
  • Getting associated with user groups, industry groups, etc.
  • Improving product specification layout and detail according to the distinguishing features of a company products.
  • Providing specifications and quotes to prospective clients.
  • Revising and enhancing product manuals.

Skills and Specifications

  • Expert knowledge and good understanding of distribution, supply chain, manufacturing business issues.
  • Proven success-presenting technology as business solution.
  • Proven success selling in complicated sales surroundings with both technical and business buyers.
  • Able to make effective presentations or demonstrations in time constrained situations.
  • Able to prioritize the work in multi-tasking environment.
  • Able to meet tight deadlines, follow up on commitments, and take disciplinary action wherever appropriate.
  • Strong selling and sales aptitude.
  • Effective verbal, written and presentation skills.
  • Good team leading ability and managing additional technical resources for meeting the account needs.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft office.

Education and Qualifications

  • 4-year degree in engineering, science, mathematics, computer science or business fields.
  • Degree in marketing, psychology or business related fields.