Stock Broker Job Profile and Description

A stock broker is basically a middleman working in a stock brokerage house and serving as a link between financial investors and the stock exchange trading floor.  They are also known as investment dealers who are among the few authorized to place buy and sell transactions in the stock exchanges. They earn from the commissions on the movement or trading of stocks for and on behalf of their investor clients.  Stock brokers can be full stock brokers who analyze portfolios and suggest investment opportunities to clients or are discount stock brokers who can’t advise but simply place buy or sell transactions on the floor.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Buy and sell stocks and bonds for individual investors, pension fund managers, bankers and companies.
  • Conduct studies on financial sources, stock and bond reports, corporate annual reports, economic trend reports and other materials to extrapolate  investment trends
  • Identify investment opportunities from market and behavior of publicly listed companies.
  • Analyze portfolios of investor clients to determine to dispose certain stocks and get more promising ones.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must be a quick learner in processing emerging investment landscape
  • Must have a good understanding of the dynamics of investments and risk management.
  • Must have an analytical mind in studying financial data to identify investment opportunities.
  • Must be able to work with a team and have excellent interpersonal skills to interact with brokers, banks, investment houses and government financial agencies when assigned
  • Must have a firm ethical grounding not to engage in bogus brokering deals.
  • Must have the confidence and moral rectitude to disclose the real score in advising clients about the most prudent and rewarding investment options.

Education and Qualifications

The position requires a college degree in a business or accounting field with a strong bias in Banking, Accountancy, Financial Management and Business Administration. A 2-3 year experience in brokering houses, stock exchanges and banks is an asset.