Mutual Fund Broker Job Profile and Description

A Mutual Fund Broker is a salesperson who may also be a stock broker with a pool of stocks and bonds along with a portfolio of money market funds, stock funds and income funds. Working in financial brokerage houses and performing the required financial transactions, the Mutual Fund Broker often acts as a financial advisor to individual investors and corporations.. Mutual fund brokers serve to link the investor with the stock exchange and earn by charging commissions for their service for either a buy or sell transaction.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Buy and sell mutual funds for individual investors, pension fund managers or companies such as banks, trust companies and insurance firms
  • Analyze investment portfolios of clients, suggesting to buy or sell certain mutual funds and providing a whole range of other services.
  • Review financial sources, stock and bond reports, annual reports, government economic trending and other materials to make decision on potential investments for clients
  • Discuss investment objectives with clients and make recommendations accordingly (e.g. low risk securities only, or a balance of high and moderate risk securities with long term growth potential)

Skills and Specifications

  • Must be able to work with an eye for financial detail and computational accuracy considering that options for money market placements can be just a matter of fractional cents.
  • Must be able to work with a team and have excellent interpersonal skills to interact with brokers, banks, investment houses and government financial agencies when assigned.
  • Must have a firm ethical grounding not to engage in bogus brokering deals.
  • Must have the moral rectitude to disclose the real score in advising clients about the most prudent and rewarding investment options.

Education and Qualifications

The position requires a college degree in a business or accounting field with a strong bias in Banking, Accountancy, Financial Management and Business Administration. A previous experience in working in bourses and financing businesses is an asset.