Store sales job profile and description

If you want to make a gradual entry into the retail industry then the role of a store sales representative is a good starting point. It will provide you with a basic understanding of all the issues that relate to the sector as well as the relationships that will help you to secure promotion. It is a demanding job but the prospects are quite good as long as you show promise.

Store sales duties and responsibilities

There is a set of diverse responsibilities and duties that are associated with the role of a store sales representative:

  1. You will be expected to undertake customer support roles in the store.
  2. You will need to promote the products that are on the shelf.
  3. In the early phases you might be involved in practical tasks associated with shelf arrangement.
  4. You must be able to support the security team in ensuring the proper management of the store.

Store sales skills and specifications

The skills and specifications for the job of a store sales representative include these items:

  1. The successful candidate has to possess a friendly disposition.
  2. They must be able to communicate with clients on a professional basis.
  3. Exceptional organizational skills are a must.

Store sales education and qualification

General qualifications and a standard level of education are sufficient for the role of store sales representative. It is desirable that you have some industry related qualifications that are relevant to the work that you will be doing.

Store sales salary

The salary for a store sales representative can start from $20,000 for school leavers. As you gain more experience in the role the salary can go right up to $50,000. This role can act as a stepping stone into other senior jobs within the organization. Diligent employees will be rewarded with promotion prospects.