Advertising and Promotions Manager Job Profile and Description

Advertising and Promotions Manager’s Job entails planning and directing advertising programs and policies, producing collateral materials like posters, coupons, contests and so on, creating extra interest in service or product purchases for a company or a department on an basis of account.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preparing budgets and submitting estimates for event costs as part of development of campaign plan.
  • Identifying and developing contacts for industry programs and promotional campaigns.
  • Monitoring and analyzing sales promotion results for determining promotion campaign cost effectiveness.
  • Working with sales departments, company officials, customers, and advertising agencies.
  • Inspecting advertising copy and layouts and edit scripts, video and audio tapes, and any other promotional material that support product specifications.
  • Preparing and negotiating sales and advertising contracts.
  • Conferring department heads or staff in discussing topics like contracts, product ready to advertise, or advertising media selection.
  • Gathering and organizing information for advertising campaign strategies.
  • Formulating plans to grow business with established clients and to interact business acting as an advertising agent to the clients.
  • Assisting in annual budget development plan.
  • Providing product demonstration and presentation supporting while introduction of new services and products to customers and field customers.
  • Reading professional literature and trade journals to stay communicated on innovations, changes, and trends that affect planning of media.
  • Directing, motivating, and monitoring the campaign mobilization team to meet campaign goals.
  • Planning and preparing advertising and promotional material for an increase in products or services sales.
  • Planning and executing strategies and policies for organizations.
  • Coordinating department activities, such as graphic arts, finance, sales, media, and research.

Skills and Specifications

  • Effectively perform administrative activities.
  • Sound understanding of marketing principles.
  • Effective understanding of latest technologies and should identify how to apply them in marketing.
  • Actively looking opportunities to help people.
  • Active listener and written documents understandability.
  • Perfect time management skills and able to work multiple tasks timely.
  • Ability to convey information to others effectively.
  • Ability to persuade others in order to change their behavior or minds.
  • Critical thinking ability and financial resources management skills.
  • Communicate excellently in verbal and in writing with all kinds of people.

Education and Qualifications

  • Diploma from an accredited university.
  • Degree in business, marketing, economics, computing, or mathematics.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.