Sales Job Profile and Description:

A sales professional strives to build relationships with customers by interacting closely with them, and endeavors to bring new customers to the company. He helps the company make its business more successful or choose products which will bring in more profits. Through his contacts, he demonstrates and sells products and services in a particular geographical region.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A sales executive has to make regular phone calls and send emails to customers to keep in touch with them
  • He must always try to expand his base and bring in new customers and for that he should learn to identify potential customers and their needs
  • While interacting with clients they must be able to make fast and correct calculations and provide them with sales quotations
  • He must follow market and customer information and on this basis report on future buying trends
  • He has to attend events like trade fairs to represent the company
  • He has to negotiate things like prices, delivery etc with the company’s managers
  • He must be in touch with suppliers and check on the status of existing orders
  • He must keep records of sales information and file them in the sales office

Skills and Specifications

  • Sales executives must have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • He must be persuasive, firm, well-mannered and a good negotiator
  • They must work in a team and be confident
  • One has to be in the field for sales so he must be hardworking
  • He must be sensitive to the customers’ needs and requirements
  • He must be competitive and driven

Education and Qualifications

One can go for a bachelor’s degree in commerce with courses in accounting or sales. Besides, one can also opt for BBA or MBA courses which provide specialisation in sales and marketing.



Sales Job Descriptions