An agriculture engineer is responsible for implementing, maintaining and troubleshooting various agriculture technical programs such as farming machines, electricity & power supply and soil & water arrangements. An agriculture engineer has to invest his efforts and knowledge of biological standards, to design, execute and install the unique equipments and farming machinery for achieving the highest production level. This job designation works to benefit the concerned organization. Due to advancement & innovative farming culture, engineering principals should be used to compete against the competitors. An agriculture engineer plays a vital role for obtaining the maximum agriculture production.

Agriculture Engineer Job Specifications:

  • Ability to deal with the farming problems and understanding the suitable precautionary measures & course of actions to encounter the existing agriculture issues.
  • Sound knowledge of testing equipments, farming structures, heavy machinery and beneficial farming tools, etc.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to educate the farmers and to initiate the several radio, television and farming seminars to help the farmers.
  • Good researching skills to develop & suggest the needed developments to benefit the organization.
  • Ability to supervise and plan the drainage system, animal shelter, wastes disposal and effective water supplies.
  • Capability to purchase the fertilization, harvesting and farming machinery and seeds at cost effective prices.
  • Aptitude to expand the structures for better farming techniques and to meet the satisfaction level of the farmers.
  • Experience of designing the innovative tools and apparatus for maximizing the harvest production.
  • Knowledge of sensing, measuring, recording the humidity, air flow and temperature, etc to direct the fertilization operations.