A warehouse operations manager conducts the warehouse & commercial supplies, develops & enforces the essential storage polices, works on the developing the essential procedures and plans the effective layout of the shipment programs. Evaluating the current storehouse system, suggesting the improvements and implementing the distribution programs are some of the important job responsibilities of a warehouse operations manager.  A warehouse operations manager must pose good communication skills, analytical & operational abilities and should have expertise in developing the beneficial shipment schemes. Hence, a warehouse operations manager plays an important role in upgrading the storehouse and ensures the necessary services.

Warehouse Operations Manager Job Specifications:

  • Responsibility of the inspecting the warehouse facilitates, regular operations, checking the stock records and updated reports for the same.
  • Knowledge of sorting & compiling the invoices for preparing the final report, investigating the corporate client’s database and conducting the auditing & quality control procedures for the warehouse.
  • Monitoring the inbound & outbound activities, supervising the routine functioning of the department staff and putting the employees for the training program whenever required.
  • Expertise of executing housekeeping programs, checking the security arrangements and upholding the inventory files.
  • Understanding the flow of imported goods, overseeing the order- filling & stock replenishment issues and judging the claims submitted by the customers in case of receiving the faulty lot.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the health & safety programs to comply with the government policies.
  • Undertaking the monthly records of vendor sale, transportation and suppliers.
  • Suggesting the programs for warehouse betterment and for transporting the goods in effective manner.