A warehouse manager is responsible for planning, directing & coordinating product storage programs, implementing the effective storage & testing policies and dispatching the required goods on time.  Handling the diverse warehouse procedures, printing the report to upload the record shelves and ensuring the alert security system for the warehouse are some of the essential job duties of a warehouse manager. A warehouse manager should pose good interpersonal skills, ability to inspect the available stock and expertise in handling different warehouse projects. Hence, a warehouse manager plays an essential role in managing the manufactured & imported warehouse products.

Warehouse Manager Job Specifications:

  • Ability to inspect the stored goods, knowledge of receiving & storing the imported products on time by implementing the recommended techniques and updating the record files for the same.
  • Conducting the necessary storage operations, handling the issues related with the stock control, processing issued orders and ensuring the timely delivery of the goods.
  • Knowledge of existing government regulations related to the warehouse maintenance, maintaining the quality of products, taking the instructions from the headquarters and directing the staff as per the planning.
  • Experience of preparing the annual budget of the warehouse, inspecting the database containing client information, coordinating with the transportation department and producing the records regularly.
  • Fulfilling the assigned job duties & targets on time and effective motivational sills to energise the employees for better performance.
  • Generating a requirement sheet of the maintenance instruments, hiring & firing the employees and preparing the monthly outcome reports.
  • Knowledge to look after the overall security of the warehouse.