A wholesaler manager is responsible for managing the store, planning, developing & implementing the beneficial wholesale policies, supervising the overall activities of the staff and maintaining the essential records for the retailers & manufacturers. Managing the wholesale programs, overseeing the routine activities of the wholesale department and maintaining a good relationship network are some of the important job duties of a wholesale manager.  This job position should pose good interpersonal skills, analytical abilities to undertake the diverse wholesale procedures and knowledge of handling the potential retailer & manufactures. Hence, a wholesale manager is the important appointment, who works effectively for managing & arranging the essential facilities for the wholesale store.

Wholesaler manager job specification:

  • Ability to coordinate with the potential retailers and manufactures for dispatching and receiving the ordered lot of goods.
  • Responsibility of recruiting & training the employees and motivating them for performing better.
  • Good supervising skills to manage the team, evaluating their regular performance and maintaining the reports for the same.
  • Suggesting the excellent whole store maintenance ideas, developing the effective wholesale working strategies for initiating the business relationship with the prospective retailers.
  • Keeping the records for the received product lots from the manufacturer, inspecting the received goods, checking the label & packaging conditions and using the recommended wholesale store safety procedures.
  • Coordinating with the new retailer outlets for placing the goods, offering them suitable discounts and collecting the monthly supply orders from the existing retailers.
  • Issuing the sufficient marketing material with the goods for promotion purposes.