A warehouse coordinator plans the warehouse facilities, ensures the smooth functioning of the storehouse, maintains records of the shipped & received goods and assists the warehouse manager in routine activities of the stockroom. Handling the packaging & shipment records, updating the database regularly and implementing the safety regulations by assisting the manager are some of the important job responsibilities of a warehouse manager. This job position should pose good communication skills, coordination abilities to perform routine tasks and should be expertise in maintaining the warehouse. Hence, a warehouse coordinator plays a vital role in arranging the space for storage and dispatching of the stored goods.

Warehouse Coordinator Job Specifications:

  • Good interpersonal abilities to coordinate with the concerned departments such as administration, packaging & accounts sections for gathering necessary information.
  • Preparing the legitimate documents for receiving & dispatching goods, inspecting the invoices & bill statements before issuing the ordered lot and contacting the supplier & receiver parties for the same.
  • Supervising the labels, condition, tag allocation & packaging of the imported & manufactured good and updating the warehouse manager by submitting the routine reports.
  • Experience of implementing the safety regulations to comply with the government standards, instructing the employees to handle the delicate stuff carefully and ensuring the timely supply of the facilities for warehouse maintenance.
  • Maintaining the workflow consistently by dividing the shifts between the workers.
  • Coordinating with the customers for conveying the expected delivery date information and helping the warehouse supervisor in reviewing the loading & unloading of the carriers.