A transportation engineer functions to formulate the transportation plans, estimates & decides the specifications of the road, rail & airway track programs, suggests improvements for repairing and ensures the timely project completion. Suggesting the modifications in the existing programs, improving the traffic flow and working to enhance the transportation facilities are some of the important job responsibilities of a transportation engineer. This job position should pose good communication skills, ability to handle the diverse engineering projects and expert in performing the engineering calculations. Hence, a transportation engineers plays a vital role in the establishment of the transportation procedures.

Transportation Engineer Job Specifications:

  • Responsibility of preparing important transportation proposals, deeds, undertaking the assigned transportation projects and demonstrating the specification of an engineering project.
  • Experience of commencing & overseeing the transportation engineering programs, directing the construction staff and maintaining the documentation regarding the same.
  • Knowledge of the current government & corporation transportation engineering policies, inviting the contractors to submit the bids, finalizing the contractor party and delivering the assigned project of road construction, airways & railways tracks on time.
  • Ability to visit the assigned areas for improving the street conditions, studying the traffic pattern and ensuring the quality & safety standards to comply with the government regulations.
  • Investigating the building material, negotiation skills to purchase the contracts at affordable prices and performing the essential engineering formalities for initiating a transportation project.
  • Leadership skills to direct the staff, overseeing the performance and motivating the team for better output.
  • Expertise in developing unique road designs, suggesting the areas for improvement and enthusiasm to work in the field.