A transportation manager is responsible for planning, directing & implementing the transportation strategies, overseeing the concerned operations, organizing the transportation activities and executing the planned schedules. Conducting the required transportation operations, coordinating with the external parties and looking after the staff’s performance are some of the important job duties of a transportation manager. A transportation manager should pose excellent interpersonal skills, expertise in handling diverse transportation procedures and knowledge of existing government & corporate transportation policies. Therefore, a transportation manager plays a vital role in managing the transportation department of an organization.

Transportation manager job specifications:

  • Ability to handle the customer service & shipment related issues, tracking the transportation vehicles and ensuring the timely delivery of the goods.
  • Experience of planning the various transpiration schedules, improving the current working strategies, identifying the weakness associated with the existing working system and coordinating with the different departments to discuss the new strategies.
  • Knowledge of handling corporate transportation programs, executing the safety procedures and handling the serious transportation issues & problems.
  • Directing the activities such as dispatching of orders, routing, developing the working criteria, building sound customer network and monitoring the procedures.
  • Handling the expenses, educating the employees about the health & safety precautions while transportation, ensuring the transportation carrier safety tools as per the government regulations.
  • Conducting the employee training sessions, arranging the legitimate documentation of load carriers, providing the new equipments & taking care of the serving schedules of carriers for enhancing the working efficiency.
  • Preparing the monthly& annual budget reports and submitting the transportation documents for further records.