A wholesale marketing manager is responsible for initiating & implementing the new wholesale marketing strategies, conducting the advertisement campaigns and handling the diverse activities of the marketing staff. Supervising the marketing staff, meeting with the potential clients & vendors and managing the budget are some of the important job duties of a wholesale marketing manager. This job position should pose excellent communication skills, knowledge of promoting the various products and expertise in maintaining the sound client network. Therefore, a wholesale marketing manager plays a vital role in enhancing the wholesale business by utilizing the best of his abilities.

Wholesale Marketing Manager Job Specification:

  • Ability to conduct the research analysis to judge the current condition of the brands and identifying the associated lacks with the current marketing plans.
  • Knowledge of hiring the marketing staff, training them and dividing the work responsibilities & targets among the employees.
  • Outlining the excellent marketing plans, coordinating with the advertising agencies and printing the marketing material such as pamphlets, brochures, leaflets & banners, etc according to the requirement.
  • Good negotiation skills for buying the printed marketing material and conducting the advertisement programs.
  • Developing the good relationship with the vendors, retailers and outlets for promoting the different products.
  • Organizing the monthly meetings with the wholesale manager for discussing the progress reports of the systemized marketing events.
  • Overseeing the changes in the product specifications and coordinating with the print & electronic media for putting the ads about the new offers.
  • Managing the budget for the marketing wholesale department.