A transportation supervisor coordinates for shipping routes, handles the driver issues, pays attention to the cleanliness of wastage and ensures the timely delivery of the dispatched goods. Monitoring the expenditure, updating the payroll system, preparing the job reports and planning the regular working operations are some of the important job duties of a transportation supervisor. This job position should pose good interpersonal skills, coordinating abilities and experience of handling the diverse transportation supervising programs. Hence, a transportation supervisor plays an essential role in managing & organizing the transportation department.

Transportation supervisor job specifications:

  • Excellent computer skills & knowledge of working on ERP system to generate the monthly reports, printing the routine outcomes per designation and participating in the budget preparation of the department.
  • Good communicating skills to coordinate with the different departments, talking to the drivers, distributing the priority work on the daily basis and gathering the essential data from the concerned sections.
  • Effective problem solving skills to handle the internal disputes, maintaining the proper standards within the department and ensuring the first aid kit & fire extinguisher availability in all the transportation carriers.
  • Sound knowledge of the carrier maintenance policies, supervising the transportation projects and buying the required supply for the external policies.
  • Understanding of map navigation, communicating with the important clients, tracking the shipped packages and updating the status regarding the same in the computer.
  • Identifying the important tasks, sorting the client concerns, assisting the transportation manager in managing routine record shelves and executing the vehicles for service & maintenance by coordinating with the service manager.